22 November 2014

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19 November 2014

A Runner's Diary #8th November 2014

I woke up this morning, feeling a bit drowsy. Bangun, basuh muka, gosok gigi, subuh and get ready in my running suit. Did simple warm-up feet exercise, tend my rabbits and I'm ready to run.

Walked to the starting line. In my mind, the starting line when I ran on the route to KLCC, from my house is always the Klinik Kerajaan. You can see the finishing line from here (which are the 2 KLCC's towers) and it just feels so far away.

Started running. Time changed to kilometres for me from this point. Knee supporter started to squeeze both of my peha.

Blerch started to kick in from behind. Negative thoughts started to flow in. Kaki dah start rasa pressure, but my hiking shoes are holding on. The first km is always the hardest for me. The process in which my feet adapt themselves to handle pressure and pain bothers my mind a lot. Just need to focus and set my mind to keep pushing my legs.

The pressure was enormous for my legs. Not wearing a proper running shoes dah start giving a toll towards my feet. Can feel my bones are in pain or screaming or whatever. Its a war in my mind. Half of it nak stop, and another half push me to keep running.

I think, if i'm not mistaken, the 3km mark is at the simpang Ampang Park. The sudden stop I took because of the traffic light shooked my legs. Sweat was pouring out. My hands feel awkward and my back feels uncomfortable - another thing I should look up - running and not hurting your back.

Reaching KLCC. My mind is set. To finish the 5km target this morning. Ran into the park to complete the target. Breathing dah rasa macam okay. The pain in my feet dah numb. This is my favorite part of running.

Getting a runner's high is ecstasy for me. My feet dah sakit macam mahu tercabut but my mind is eager to continue running. Ended my run right after the bridge near the park's swimming pool.

In the evening:
I ran for another 15km and damn I'm too lazy to describes every km. But it was awesome. Total KMs cover for one day: 20km.

05 November 2014

"I choose not to fix my torment. I chose to own it. To posses it. I chose to run." - Oatmeal.
Its been 2 years since the first time i put on my running shoes. I remember my first run, it was filled with pain and god-knows-torturing moments that I endured. But it does not ends there. It was just a beginning.