15 February 2015

So, I'm joining the dark side of the force.
And hey, I'm loving it already.
At least this side gives me an opportunity to put my thinking cap on.

Now you can call me Darth Shuk-Ee-Sal.
"A dangerous path you have taken, young sith", "For I shall find you, and kill you.." whispered some of the Jedis out there.

Oh, here's a picture of the other Siths, my companions now:

May the Dark Side guide me always.

08 February 2015

Running Spirit.

I can't run fast and long lately, sebab my knee macam sakit.
I can feel my knee screaming, beg me to stop running and go home to my bed sleep or something.

I just realised I'm addicted to this. This whole running spirit. I enjoyed the runner's high.
I realised running is my way to escape. A sense of escapism in life. So I changed my mind-set.
I don't run because I want to be free, to fly with the birds etcetera, etcetera,

But to live. To feel human.

06 February 2015

So I left. I left the agency. I left the industry.
Off to another journey. May Allah bless this new adventure.


I wrote a poem for the wonderful people at Lowe and Partners Advertising Agency. Below was what I scribbled in an email to everyone in the office:


I love writing in BM, so here’s a farewell poem for all of you wonderful people:

Lima candra bukannya lama,
Cukup tinggalkan kesan di hati,
Andai takdir untuk kita bersama,
Janji bertemu walau di pentas mimpi.

Eddy and Wan: I know, its lame. But it’s from my heart.
And I think that’s the most important thing to do in our life. To say it from our hearts.

With love,
Shukri Saleh / Little Shuk / Small Shuk / Shukri without the room"