14 January 2015

Scrolling down my Facebook wall, my non-Muslim friends have conveyed their uneasiness on some of the things that we are not allowed to do as a Muslim. I understand that the Malay society has actually adopted the culture of 'hentam-menghentam' and 'menghukum' but now I notice something is terribly wrong:

Muslims are now being condemned and labelled because of the things that we should not do. We are being laughed because we defend our set of conducts, our way of life, our deen.

May Allah protect us all.

01 January 2015

A new year, a new journey.

2014 meninggalkan kita.
It was a great year greatly accompanied by many devastating events for us Malaysians.
For me? It was as epic as it can get. Sent my first resignation letter for my first job in NagaDDB only to send another after 4 months of working at Lowe and Partner.

It the midst of finding light to my life - I decided to leave the advertising industry, forever if not only for a while. It was a great experience twas an exhausting one. 

2014 was the year I started to run seriously. Started to improve my speed and distance - preparing for the upcoming races. It was the year I started to take a good look at how I consume foods for a healthier life. It was a year of great outdoor adventures - hiking, trail running, rafting, jungle trekking.

Faced life with my love. We dah together for almost 3 years. And my love towards her has never been stronger.

Its the year my sister got pregnant. My first anak buah is now 2 months old! Alhamdulillah.

New career as a Marketer. Start saving more. Travel more. Learn more. Run more. Love more.