31 December 2012


The end is near. But it was never the year 2012. The world still breathing, as Allah grant us more time to become a better Muslim. I'm not saying that I believed in the 2012 prophecy but it proves what has been told to us a long time ago; no one can predict when the Judgment will come for us. Syukur Alhamdulillah the world is still alive although the 'contents' is dying.

2012 has bring great meanings into my life. I ended my life as a student and began my career as an advertising practitioner. I learned the hard way in dealing with people, received recognition and how my life has been nothing but a huge burden on the back of my neck. I learned the true meaning of friendship. I learned how much I value my family. Learned how much of a sinner I have become. And now I believe it's time for me to search something meaningful in life. I do not want to stuck on my office table and trying my best to please the society with hedonism.

On this date, the last day of 2012, I learned that a 23 year old girl was raped violently and left to die on the streets of India. Yes, it's pathetic. At the end of 2012, at the end of the 'end of days' prophecy, the mind of some of us are still in a pitiful state. You went to a place with some of your friends, got drunk, took a bus and decided to rape an innocent girl, TOGETHER. What sort of human are these?

2012 and our Malay Muslims are still drunk in clubs and pubs. Holding little green cans with pride. How such a dangerous taboo in Islam has become a tradition for them. Celebration after celebration bring them closer to the fiery Al Jahim.

The great news is, Allah has not given up with us. There is still hope. And I can see how in the future, during the last, godly hours, our fellow Muslims will smile at each other, at peace when Izrael gives the final Salaam.

Maassalama ya 2012.
Assalamualaikumwarahmatullah 2013.

30 December 2012

Always in my prayers.

24 December 2012

Jalan-jalan tempat kerja. :)
Since I'm married to my job,this entry is dedicated to my life as an executive. First stop, my worktable! Muahahahaha. Enjoy!
tempat hantuk kepala bila stress.

Eclipse all the way.

Heee. Achievement unlocked.

In and out tray. With all the GoBeyond stuff.

Bo-Ring. But hey, its my life now.

23 December 2012

Suatu hari nanti, saya akan membuka lembaran. Kisah lembaran kehidupan kepada anak-anak. Tentang jalan hidup yang selama ini telah dipagari. Perlahan-lahan saya mengusap dahinya. Dan mula bercerita. Tentang Allah. Tentang Muhammad. Kisah keluarga. Dan akhirnya kisah dia. Mulut terkumat kamit, bercerita bagaimana saya mengambil masa 21 tahun mencari dia, dan dalam masa beberapa bulan, dia terus pergi. Dan saya terus pergi lebih jauh.

Sebuah kotak hitam. Buka dan sampul merah gemuk terbuka. Belakangnya sebuah buku. Buku kuning yang sehingga ke hari ini saya tidak berani buka. Tutup kotak hitam. Saya bungkus kemas-kemas. Dan kuncinya di tempat paling jauh. Paling jauh dalam jiwa yang makin gelap.

17 December 2012

Kadang-kadang teringat bagaimana saya suka ambil gambar setiap masa.

15 December 2012

The Story of Ismail Musa Menk

This is not a story about him. Thanks Kak Lina and Kak Hanis for the introduction to Mr. Ismail Musa Menk or better known as Mufti Menk. So far, all of his lectures has become a friend to my ears. Inspiring, I believe he is one of many Muslims out there trying his best to strengthen the Taqwa and Iman among the worldwide Muslims.

08 December 2012

The epitome of a human life.
Some people just don't care.
Some people just want to be happy.
More people drinks, more people take drugs.

The rationale of human's minds?
On the surface, human are just puppets on a large stage.
Push yourself to understand and feel the deep inner-unconscious mind.
And reveal that one thing, the one thing that will rejuvenate your life.
That one thing is the thought of the Only One.
The Only One who bestowed the greatest rezeki to us: The ability to think. To differentiate what is right and what is wrong.