07 November 2015

Corriendo es Spiritu

After finishing the 30km Merapoh Forest Run 2015 for Male Open Category.

I started running 3 year ago (almost), and I never really stop since then.
I remember my first run -  on the road heading to the Great Eastern Mall from my house. I never got comfortable running in a park or on a treadmill in a gym - mainly because of there are too much people and activities flocking into those places. Other than photography and writing (and annoy my girlfriend), I do not have other hobbies back then. In the spirit of trying new things, I decided to run. Putting on my training shoes, walk to the front gate, and off I go, heading towards Ampang through Jalan Ampang, from Jelatek. I do not do much research on how to run the right way, so the moment my feet hit the tarmac, pain strikes right to my legs, knees, hip and eventually causing exhaustion to my body.  But there was a strange feeling that I felt, the feeling that made me want to run again. The feeling as if your body are communicating with you and the constant battle that you feel between your mind and your body. I ran 1.5km that day before i hit the wall.

Running was part of my life since then. I continue running and try my best to run faster and longer. My running passion has evolved when I started to hike on mountains and hills.

"The Mountains are calling and I must go."  One of the reasons why I wake up so early in the morning on weekends and holidays - to run on a hill or a mountain. Why embrace the pain when you can just stay at home, or just chill in a mall or coffee shops? The answer is easy - to feel and remind myself to be human again.

3 years ago, my weight was 79 kilograms. After 3 years of running, hiking, climbing and all sorts of outdoor activities and adventures, I stand on the ground with a weight of 65 kilograms. Never in my life I have inflicted pain (indirectly) to myself to discover the limit of my body.

One thing for sure Insyaallah, I will continue running and embrace adventures. To feel human, in this disastrous 'civilized' world.