17 February 2014

The Spiritual Refugee's Journey - Pre-Chapter: Divinity VS Logic

There's a reason why I'd mention Divinity first at the title above. For me, if one would like to start exploring the different concepts of religions of the world, he or she should understand and define the term Divinity first. Understanding the semantics of Divinity will answer most of the logical questions that many people asked. For example, why would we try to be good when Allah wrote that we would enter Jahannam (!!نعوذ بالله من ذلك) on the Luh Mahfuz already? 

Allah blessed us with the power of Akal (mind). The ability to think, analyse, make decisions, explore and understand. It is a magnificent gift, but same as other creations of Allah, has it's own boundaries. The human's mind perceive logic faster than it can understand eternity. Why? Because our brain receive consciousness elements and feelings faster than our unconsciousness - in results our mind are easier to believe what is in the eyes, rather than what it is in the heart. When I say 'heart', it is not the physical-organ heart in our body, but I'm referring to our soul. Our soul, the Azali of our soul is to be connected to Allah. Our physical instinct may be the air, food and water. But our soul's instinct are to find the One. Over time, through experiences and learnings, the outcome of the search varies for each person.

This is a journey, walked by a Spiritual Refugee. Written in a sense of a born Muslim, still finding a place in the Dunya; the world of calamities and hardships. From a perspective of a thinker, trying to define our journey through the different realms. Bismillah.

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