06 February 2015

So I left. I left the agency. I left the industry.
Off to another journey. May Allah bless this new adventure.


I wrote a poem for the wonderful people at Lowe and Partners Advertising Agency. Below was what I scribbled in an email to everyone in the office:


I love writing in BM, so here’s a farewell poem for all of you wonderful people:

Lima candra bukannya lama,
Cukup tinggalkan kesan di hati,
Andai takdir untuk kita bersama,
Janji bertemu walau di pentas mimpi.

Eddy and Wan: I know, its lame. But it’s from my heart.
And I think that’s the most important thing to do in our life. To say it from our hearts.

With love,
Shukri Saleh / Little Shuk / Small Shuk / Shukri without the room"

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