18 July 2012

[11:35:31 PM] Shukri saleh: A sacrifice is best refuted by accepting it.

I have wondered the world for 23 years.
It's not a short neither a very long period of time.
I've met and learned so many things with different kind of people.
What i value most is sacrifice.
Sacrifice is the best thing a man can do, but most of the time, others won't be able to see it.
Delivering the best of everything, in every single drop of effort just to say the simplest but meaningful words or actions ever. When everyone are able to see each person's sacrifices - the world may got the chance to see a better future. Accepting the sacrifices that you made. and what others has made for you.

Dan dalam setiap pengorbanan itu diselit kemanisan tersembunyi. Hanya dapat dirasa apabila intipatinya dapat dihargai dan dirasai. Meletakkan diri dalam kedudukan orang yang berkorban, demi untuk memahami sebutir keikhlasan - jauh tersudut di hujung hati.

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