15 October 2012

The Zotung Contrived Experience: The Erfahrung.

It was raining heavily. I never expected that the community center is located in a tiny-shop lot space. We were greeted by children wearing school uniforms, without any school badges. These children can barely speak Malay or English, but they do understand some simple questions from us.

We were introduced to Mr. Moses, an Honorable man who fights for this community since 3 years ago. He briefly explained on the real situation, the situation these little children had to endure living a refugee life 2,642KM away from their home-country. It made me sick and sad when they were not only being oppressed by the enforcers, but also by nasty Gang-Lords and tyrannic Landlords.

Right after the introduction session, we brought the kids to a little Kopitiam downstairs for a simple 'makan-makan'. I could not resist the temptation to show these kids how to play Ninja Fruit Slice on my smartphone. They seem delighted and was happily teasing each other. It made me smile, but my feeling was filled with uncertainty. Their future seem so far, and dark.

The next session was the assignment briefing by Alvin Teoh. I like his idea, the way he thinks can be apply across all types of people. The brief was short but in 1 hour, it's like cracking a turtle shell with your bare hands just to try to come up with some relevant ideas to sustain the school. Presentation time. Took some pictures. Bid goodbye to the kids. And I left the place with a mission - to understand the world better. If only I can push myself up, boost my confident and fight for the right cause. And that will always be my Dua. Amin.

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