31 December 2012


The end is near. But it was never the year 2012. The world still breathing, as Allah grant us more time to become a better Muslim. I'm not saying that I believed in the 2012 prophecy but it proves what has been told to us a long time ago; no one can predict when the Judgment will come for us. Syukur Alhamdulillah the world is still alive although the 'contents' is dying.

2012 has bring great meanings into my life. I ended my life as a student and began my career as an advertising practitioner. I learned the hard way in dealing with people, received recognition and how my life has been nothing but a huge burden on the back of my neck. I learned the true meaning of friendship. I learned how much I value my family. Learned how much of a sinner I have become. And now I believe it's time for me to search something meaningful in life. I do not want to stuck on my office table and trying my best to please the society with hedonism.

On this date, the last day of 2012, I learned that a 23 year old girl was raped violently and left to die on the streets of India. Yes, it's pathetic. At the end of 2012, at the end of the 'end of days' prophecy, the mind of some of us are still in a pitiful state. You went to a place with some of your friends, got drunk, took a bus and decided to rape an innocent girl, TOGETHER. What sort of human are these?

2012 and our Malay Muslims are still drunk in clubs and pubs. Holding little green cans with pride. How such a dangerous taboo in Islam has become a tradition for them. Celebration after celebration bring them closer to the fiery Al Jahim.

The great news is, Allah has not given up with us. There is still hope. And I can see how in the future, during the last, godly hours, our fellow Muslims will smile at each other, at peace when Izrael gives the final Salaam.

Maassalama ya 2012.
Assalamualaikumwarahmatullah 2013.

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