05 May 2013

Bangkok - Oh - Oh

 The Tut-tut adventure - apparently, all those warnings on these Tut-tut's drivers' cheating skills is 100% true. 
Gems' scandal, fake public hoildays and stuff - we experience it first hand here in Bangkok.

We visited bankok Art and Culture Centre - a public art centre in the heart of the city - where young people can be seen chilling about talking about arts (my assumption).

Wat Hua Lamphong where we spend our first half of second day.

MRT - most of the time we preferred using the MRT as it connects us to most of the places that we wanted to go. Twice as large as our LRT.

Right after the Tut-tut cheating scandal, we took the risk of riding taxi-motorcyclist, where they extremely belok kiri kanan celah-celah lori, bas, kereta and langgar semua red lights.

We visited one of the famous temple in bangkok - Wat Pho, the huge temple complex for the famous reclining Buddha statue.

For the third day first half, we took the boat across the river for an amazing tour of another famous temple, Wat Arun. Tangga lagi curam dari Batu Caves!

On the night of the third day, we bought a 2500 baht ticket for 7 Muay-Thai fights. Amazingly, all of the fighters are young but their kicks and punches are deadly. 2 TKOs recorded that night.

We ended our trip with a short shopping spree at the most famous and largest weekend market in Thailand - the Chatuchak market. Sadly, not may of the shops are open and we need to rush back to the hotel to check-out and catch our plane.

Insyallah more trips in the future. Hew hew. Puas hati.

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