28 January 2013

Thaipusam 2013.

Since i got 2 more days for my holidays, I grabbed my camera, took the first LRT in the morning and went straight to Batu Caves without hesitation. I've been missing my cameras so much that I went out for a date with both of them, although most of the time D70s was in my bag, resting himself.
The iconic statue of Lord Murugan, one of the famous Hindu deity as what a local said to me.

One of my favorite shot. 

Also an iconic feature of Batu Caves, the Pigeons. Haha

Hindu devotees with Paal Kodam on their heads.

In pain, I guess.

I guess smoking does help in reduces the pain they feel.

Epic guy. Lifted up a 20kg pole through the 272 steps of Batu Caves' stairs.

Marching towards the caves.

Painting body as a spiritual marks in their sacred journey.

Flowers and other ornaments too.

Epic guy resting.

Epic guy rise again. He sealed his mouth and he reminds me of Bane.

Some of the Hindu devotees in trance.

Epic guy is epic.

Shaved heads.

Going down into the caves.

In pain.

He stood in front of a Kavadee like a Guardian or something.


More blessings.

Several more images inside the caves.

While most of the devotees are in pain, she was always smiling.

Proud Hindu devotee in the caves.

Lord Murugan Statue from behind.

Cheerful fella.

A metal pierced through his lips.

More pictures right after I went down to the entrance. It was hot and thousands of people are still flocking towards the stairs to the caves:

Fuss Ro Daaahh!

Hey, that's me inside the cave with thousands of Hindu's devotees.

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