07 December 2014

Across City Centre.

It was a night to be remembered. I decided to run at night, not my normal 5 -6km runs, but a complete 15km run across Kuala Lumpur City Centre. Running the final 10km alone at night was an epic journey for me. 

But although I was 'free', I felt pain clinging on my left foot. Determine to complete at least 15km of running, I dragged myself, running through the streets around KLCC, Bukit Bintang, Masjid India, Kampung Baru, and finally back to Jalan Ampang.

When I reached the 15.05km mark, rain started falling. "Aku lari bukan kerana 6-packs, aku lari untuk push my human spirit".

I run with #salomonrunning shoes - City Trail.
I used #nikerunning app to track my runs.

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