16 October 2011

Ar Rahman, the compassionate and gracious. Ar Rahim, the Merciful you made the earth spacious. Al Maalik, the King of all spaces. Al Quddus,the Holy who can never be replaced. As Salaam, bestower of peace and tranquility. Al Mu’min, the ultimate Granter of Security.  Ya Allah You are my life. I need You blessin me. Al Muhaymin, Protector of Protectors. Al Aziz, the Mighty Al Jabbaar the Compeller.  Al Mutakabbir, Supreme in Greatness so Majestic. Made us from clay breathed of His spirit He is ever blessed. Al Khaliq, Creator. Al Bari, the Maker.  Al Mussawir, He is the form shaper.  Ya Allah I think of You and I feel safer.

Al Ghaffar, the Forgiver of the Sinners. Al Qahhar, the Subduer the Ender. Al Wahhab, the Bestower no one higher. Ar Razzaq, the Provider He’s the Greatest He’s the Guider.  Al Fattah, the Opener and Judge of  Judges.  Al alim,  All-Knowing. Your attributes are ongoing.  It is Your promises that keep me hoping.  We give a few of Allah’s infinite attributes.  We say Allah we love You for everything You do. We show appreciation.  Repeat that You’re the greatest . To prove we only wish to be in Your good grace.

Ya Allah. Ya Allah. Ya Allah.

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